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Welcome to Maker Mayde; a collection of handmade sterling silver jewellery designed and crafted by Melissa Maker.

My designs are inspired by the shapes, textures, landscapes, and cultures encountered on my travels. I view them as a reflection of my appreciation for elegance and simplicity, yet with a high level of intricacy in the finishing details. Every piece is unique, deliberately irregular, yet balanced and graceful as a testament to its hand-crafted nature.

I have a passion for high quality materials and finishes which I strive to achieve in every piece. I aim for patrons who purchase my creations to know your order is unique, bespoke, and made-to-order using high quality sterling silver. I value longevity and timelessness in a product and design, and I construct my pieces in this fashion so you can continue to wear your Maker Mayde jewellery well into the future.

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